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...If this is sounding like a self-help ad to improve your life, it's because that's exactly what this course
did for me. I went from knowing nothing about marketing and copywriting to having a successful career in a field I now love...

Kate S., Copywriter at Wunderman,
an advertising agency in Seattle

Our Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the ultimate way to learn the trade & build a successful career.

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What People Are Saying:

  • Jason S.


    I came in with a little experience under my belt already but, honestly, I didn't even know how much I didn't know. Whether you're brand new to copywriting or you know a bit already, you'll find all of the skills and training and knowledge and guidance to build a real, thriving career.

    Don't hesitate for a second. If you want to be a copywriter, this is where you've got to be.

  • Mark P.

    Creative Director,

    This is a fantastic course. With a truly refreshing approach, Nicki has provided content that’s certain to give any aspiring copywriter a thorough advantage in this very competitive field. I’d certainly prefer to have copywriters on my team who have taken it. Nicki’s track record as a writer is exceptional and she’s skillfully put all of that expertise into this course.

    I think anyone who wants to be a copywriter should eagerly add this course into their strategy for success.

  • Carl U.

    Content Marketing Strategist, TUI Travel

    This gives you more than just a foundation in copywriting. Nicki's experience in pitching, business development, and time management is invaluable, and her tips for dealing with the complex practicalities of a copywriting life are extraordinarily useful. A great course!

So What’s The Academy All About?

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The 6 Keys to Your Success

  1. Full access to the Comprehensive Copywriting Foundations Course, including copywriting fundamentals, writing for print and interactive media, navigating the industry, building your experience and building your career—in 20+ hours of training.
  2. Access to our 16 deep-dive courses, including Build Your Online Portfolio, How to Always Be Working, How to Find Small Business Clients, How to Write Online Sales Letters, and How to Create Marketing Funnels (among many others).
  3. Group coaching calls each month so you can personally ask your copywriting questions to Nicki and learn from your fellow Academy members' questions—plus, recordings in case you miss the live calls!
  4. Community support from your fellow Academy copywriting students via our members-only Facebook page.
  5. A 30-day, money back guarantee. If copywriting's just not for you, you don't have to pay for it. Simple as that. Promise.
  6. A tuition that's way, way less than the value. 'Cause great training should be available to everyone that wants it. :)

About Nicki and Filthy Rich Writer

Fifteen-plus years ago, I was exactly where you are now. I struggled to break into copywriting and figure it all out on my own. But you don't have to struggle. And you don't have to go it alone.

Quick introduction: My name is Nicki Krawczyk. I've been a copywriter for over a decade and a half, working for and with clients including TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, adidas and, yes, even Harlequin. I've worked for agencies, I've worked in-house and I've been a freelancer.

I founded Filthy Rich Writer and created our Comprehensive Copywriting Academy because it doesn't need to be so hard to break into copywriting. It takes some training, it takes some practice, it takes some guidance. Which, of course, is where I come in. :)

Believe me: There is plenty  of work to go around. The world just needs more well-trained writers to do it.

Our Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the ultimate way to learn the trade & build a successful career.

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