Copywriting Q&A: Should You Worry About Copywriting Going Overseas?

Are copywriting jobs going to be going overseas?

I know: The job market, any job market feels shaky. And it seems like every night the evening news has a story about jobs moving overseas or being performed by a robot. Sure, a robot is far-fetched, but what about losing your job to a cheaper competitor in another country? Well, I certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Here’s why…

Today’s question comes from Ruby S. who asks, “All of these cheap design sites like elance or odesk have me nervous. Is copywriting going to become a cheap commodity, too?”

I definitely understand where this question is coming from. The design services—and all of the other services on those sites—are cheap. Sometimes quite good quality, but cheap. (That cheapness is part of the reason I don’t recommend listing your copywriting services there, by the way.)

A major reason that the services are so inexpensive, though, is that many of the service providers live in countries where overall wages are lower. And this is perfectly fine, very much a win-win scenario for graphic design needs, research needs, even remote personal assistance needs.

But when it comes to the solid grasp of your country’s languages and the nuances contained therein, there is no one who can do it like a native.

It's Easier Than You Think to Start Your Copywriting Career

Even Americans and Brits who (arguably) speak the same language face huge barriers in writing for the other version of English. Different wording and slang, not to mention different cultural sensibilities and styles make crossing that copy divide a challenge.

So, should you be concerned about copywriting work in your country (whatever country that is) becoming a cheap commodity and going overseas? No. You really shouldn’t. Copywriting is a skilled profession that takes years to master (if ever) and requires an exceedingly firm grasp of the language being written.

Still concerned? Then I think this will amuse you. This is an actual email that came in to me, offering writing services:


I would like to bring into your knowledge that our company provide quality content writing service at affordable cost. So for all your writing requirements do provide us an opportunity. We provide writing service for following types:
Press Release

We have been proudly writing for lots of SEO Companies and Blogs from past 4 years, some of the companies include [REMOVED THE COMPANIES TO PROTECT THEM].

Thinking of why you should choose us? Well below are some reasons:
Team of Professional and Experienced Writers
Complete research based original content passed content
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Completely satisfied writing services
Do let us know if you would give our service a try.

Don’t hesitate to write us or call us in case of any query. Happy to help 🙂

Looking forward to enter into a profitable business relationship with you.

Have a blessed day,

Now, would you hire them?? 🙂

Your turn! Have you had any experience writing copy for/in another country? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ron Tester says

    Thank you for this article. As much as I read about work being shipped overseas, I don’t think it’s likely to have a major impact on copywriting any time soon.


    • Nicki Krawczyk says

      Hi Ron,

      I agree. It’s too skilled and requires too firm a grasp of a country’s native language, don’t you think?

      Thanks for commenting!

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